FOREX Seminar on 8th December

BTMUH presented its annual FOREX seminar on 8th December

For more than 10 years we have held an annual FOREX seminar for our customers. This year we combined it with another seminar, Europe Economic Seminar.

Both seminars were very successful and we welcomed around 60 guests to the audience. 

In the FOREX seminar, Ms. Kamei, a senior analyst in BTMU’s Global Market Research office in London, delivered a forecast of the main currencies (Euro, etc.) in the Forex market for the forthcoming period.  

In the Europe Economic seminar, Mr. Takayama, BTMU’s Chief Economist in London, talked about the outlook for Europe’s economy, referring to the refugee crisis and the recent issues at Volkswagen. 

We received a very enthusiastic reaction from our participating customers. Therefore we will continue to hold these seminars in order to provide useful business information and help build good relationships with our customers.