Inspiring local youth with JA-YE Europe II

On 3rd December, BTMU (Holland) gave a Master Class presentation for the students of Amsterdam International Community School as part of our collaboration with JA-YE Europe (Junior Achievement Young Enterprise Europe). This was the second time we have held this event having previously presented it in December 2014 at a local high school.

Amsterdam International Community School is an international school located in the south of Amsterdam. It provides high quality international education for both the Dutch and international community.

Around 80 students (aged between 15 and 17 in their final two years, including students who study in business and finance) took part in the event. Our volunteer lecturers gave a basic overview of the financial sector. In the first part, students were introduced to the bank itself and the business world, and in the second part, they were taught about the financial market, what happens there and what causes prices to fluctuate. Both the students and their teachers were very active in the Q&A session. It was a lively session with a lot of interaction with the audience and the master class ended with a huge round of applause.

BTMU (Holland) employees appreciated the opportunity to share their international experience and financial expertise in order to broaden the perspective of local youths around the business world, and to contribute to the education of the next generation.

According to our president, Nobuhiro Matsumoto: “The bank works in partnership with Junior Achievement Young Enterprise Europe in 10 locations across the EMEA region. It is a core part of our Corporate Social Responsibility program to develop business, finance and entrepreneurial skills in young people.”