Inspiring local youth with JA-YE Europe

On 4th December, BTMU (Holland) gave a "Master Class" presentation on FOREX and cultural differences to Cygnus Gymnasium students as part of JA-YE Europe, the largest education program in Europe and the bank's regional flagship community investment partner.

Cygnus Gymnasium is a secondary school located in Amsterdam. It prioritizes international studies, operating under the motto "for world citizens and scientists".

An impressive 125 students took part in the early morning event, which JA-YE deemed a success. Students and teachers were particularly interested in explanations about the cultural differences between Japan and the Netherlands. Younger students were eager to hear from volunteers about what it is like to work at the bank, and older students showed great interest in learning about the foreign exchange market.

BTMU (Holland) employees appreciated the opportunity to share their international experience and financial expertise in order to broaden local youth's cultural awareness and global perspective, and importantly, to develop life skills which will better prepare them for the world of work.