''Job Shadow day'' with JA Europe - Inspiring local youth

During November, MUFG organized a ‘Job Shadow Day’ which was carried out across 12 MUFG offices based in Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) including MBE’s Brussels, Prague and Poland Branch.  ‘Job Shadow Day’ in corporation with our EMEA charity partner, Junior Achievement Europe (JA), aimed to give local students an insight into what it is like to work within a bank.

 ‘Job Shadow Day’ aims to prepare students to be entrepreneurial thinkers in their approach to work and offers students a unique opportunity to visit a professional work environment.

Fifteen students from a local high school in Amsterdam participated in the one-day workshop. The students began the day with a short introduction to the company before working in groups to solve a case study. MUFG employees invited students to the MUFG office to give a better understanding of what a professional work place looks like. Students had the opportunity to understand what an average day at work entails for the Amsterdam office and had the chance to ask volunteers several questions related to their role in the company. Students were invited to join a meeting with the ‘Credit Committee’ which was chaired by Maarten Rosenberg, Chief Risk Officer of MUFG Bank (Europe) N.V. (MBE). The meeting gave students insight into how a professional meeting is undertaken and students were engaged during the discussions. The end of the workshop was celebrated with a feedback call with all the other EMEA offices taking part in ‘Job Shadow Day’.

Overall it was an intensive day full of inspiration for both the students and employees. The workshop received positive feedback from the students with one describing the workshop as exciting and a representative from Junior Achievement commented on the day:

 ‘It was great to see that the leaders were so enthusiastic to tell the students about their work.’

 Maarten Rosenberg also said: “the students were excellent and MUFG will continue to help the development of local young people with further sessions such as Job Shadow Day.”

Case study e.jpg   (Explanation of the case study)

   preparation e.jpg        (Preparation for participating in the Committee)