Partnership agreement with new CSR partner JINC

Today MUFG Bank (Europe) N.V. (MBE) has officially signed the partnership agreement with new CSR partner JINC.

Leading up to this signing, and as part of MUFG’s global volunteering month MUFG Gives Back, in November MBE welcomed three groups of students from local schools to the office for a flash internship.

During this morning at MBE the children first got an introduction to the bank and took the banker’s oath in front of the Chief Risk Officer Mr. Maarten Rosenberg.

They also learned some Japanese words and phrases which they could try to use during the office tour. After a quick break the students were given a practical assignment where they executed some manual payments at the Remittance Department.

The feedback from the students showed they enjoyed their time at MBE learning about working in general, and more specifically about MUFG and the Japanese culture.

For the employees of MBE it was a good opportunity to get involved in the education of the local youth.

With its programs JINC strives for a society in which a child’s background does not determine a child’s future, and this is in line with MUFG’s CSR strategy to equip the next generation of young people with the skills and knowledge required to gain and sustain employment, generate wealth and create jobs. Over the coming year JINC and MBE will work together to reach local youth and help them to a good start in the labour market.

                                                             Signing 2.JPG