Reading for children during Literacy week 2017

MUFG Bank (Europe) participated this year in the Literacy Week campaign (in Dutch:  Week van de Alfabetisering.) run by Reading and Writing Foundation (Stichting Lezen & Schrijven), whose mission is to improve the reading and writing skills of people in the Netherlands. The Foundation organised various activities not only in the Netherlands but also internationally to draw attention to the importance of literacy. 

On 7 September our volunteers visited a child care center, Hestia Kinderopvang, in Amsterdam to read for children (in Dutch: voorlezen) aged between 2 to 4.      

The volunteers bonded with the children, even teaching them new words. They also emphasised the importance of reading and the opportunities it could create.

We think that a strong foundation in literacy will allow children to solidify their language and communication skills, and enhance their opportunities for the future. MUFG Bank (Europe) are looking to continue to contribute to this campaign and hope to support as many children as possible to succeed in their studies and to make a positive contribution to wider society in the future.


Reading at Hestiakinderopvang (2).png

(Reading books by the volunteers)

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