Reading for children during Literacy week

MUFG Bank (Europe) participated in the “Literacy Week campaign (in Dutch:  Week van de Alfabetisering.) ” run by Reading and Writing Foundation (Stichting Lezen & Schrijven), whose mission is to improve the reading and writing skills of people in the Netherlands.

The Foundation organized more than 1000 activities in the Netherlands to draw attention to the importance of literacy this year.

Our volunteers read for children (in Dutch: voorlezen).  Between 5 and 9 September our volunteers visited 5 childcare center(s) in Amsterdam and read books or picture books for the children. 

We think that a strong foundation in literacy will help with studying and increase the opportunity to  enter into higher education in the future.

Through reading to the children we hoped they would become familiar with letters, words and books.  Right from the start, at every location, we found children who showed interest in the books and fascination with the stories. We also noticed that if other children saw the excitement, they became curious too and wanted to know what was going on.   The children enjoyed the stories read by unexpected visitors and we hope that they might feel good that that they have people outside of their immediate family who want to support them and help them to understand the pleasure of reading.

MUFG Bank (Europe) would like to continue to contribute to this campaign and hopes to support as many children as possible to succeed in their studies and to make a positive contribution to wider society in the future.

<Hestia Kinderopvang B.V. 7 Sep 2016>