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  • MUFG Bank Poland branch internet banking system - BusinessPro is provided and serviced by Alior Bank S.A.
  • The scope of the service includes the Open API channel and the scope of products offered by MUFG Bank Poland Branch.
  • For the information regarding the developer, please visit the Alior Bank S.A. webpage mentioned below:


  • Online access to company's current financial information
  • Access to all data and information on accounts and orders
  • Access to electronic account statements in PDF format
  • Searching and selection of operations
  • Access to current banking information


  • Order implementation at company's convenience
  • Application and management of the Cash Management system packet
  • Cost reduction of payments


  • Working with the BusinessPro at any place at or time
  • Aggregation and access to banking products and services under one modern access channel
  • Automated information exchange between the portal and ERP systems, financial - accounting (FK) systems and human resources - payroll systems (HR)
  • Export and import of data


  • Simple, intuitive configuration method
  • Personal access to individual functionalities and authorizations for the review of the company's accounts
  • Intuitive service taking into account the possibility of adjusting functionality to a user's needs
  • Bank's support


  • Full secure and state-of-art IT systems
  • Potential track IP addresses how accessed the system
  • Managing user functionality of the "managing user" enabling control and management of users
  • Advanced schemes of transfers acceptance - mapping of complicated specimen signature cards
  • Authorization of orders by a qualified certificate, identifying the sender and confirming sender's identityand the scope of products offered by MUFG Bank Poland Branch.