COMSUITE API - Managing your account

How we are working in the Open Banking market – Payment Services Directive 2 (PSD2)

The Payment Services Directive 2 (PSD2) aims to establish a European Union (EU) wide market for third party payment providers (TPPs) and to encourage the creation of a harmonised framework for innovative payment and account services. In response to these changes MUFG has designed a developer portal (sandbox) for TPPs to access MUFG customer accounts. Our APIs will provide TPPs with access to our customer accounts across the ten EU and UK jurisdictions in which we operate.

Our Portals

The portals will allow TPPs to develop their applications to enable our clients to manage, control and analyse their account information, and make payments using TPPs services.

How to start using our developer portals:

  1. Welcome to our COMSUITE API homepage where you will be able to access our Getting Started section; WEB CMS German clients, please access the WEB CMS homepage.
  2. For all COMSUITE API users, please read our Getting Started section in full and then create your account on our COMSUITE API developer portal.
    • Once you can access our developer portal, please read our in-depth Developer’s guide for our complete procedure available within the developer portals.
    • Alternatively please read our Developer’s Summary Guide for an overview of the services we offer to TPPs.  
  3. For COMSUITE GCMS Plus, please also go to the COMSUITE API homepage: here.

Contact us

Should you have any queries when registering or require technical support on this new service please email us at