Pooling and Sweeping Service

Managing liquidity is a challenge for most internationally operating companies. MUFG Bank (Europe) N.V. ("MUFG Bank (Europe)") offers various cash management service products in various currencies including automated cross border & domestic sweeping, actual pooling and notional pooling to assist our customers to setup most suitable structures for efficient liquidity management. Cash management (Cash Pooling) structure is designed carefully to meet each customer's specific needs. Our service includes;

Automated Cross Border Sweeping

Sweeping is automated daily into/out of the account(s) held at MUFG Bank (Europe) at the cut-off time. Our cut-off time is currently set at 16:00 Central European Time and a daily sweeping is done in real time.


Automated Domestic (Internal) Sweeping

Sweeping from one account to another account held at MUFG Bank (Europe) is done daily. Cut-off time is currently set at 17:00 Central European Time and a daily sweeping is completed in real time.


Actual Pooling (Pooling with physical fund movement)

Actual Pooling, often called as "Zero Balancing" is concentration of fund from one or more accounts into the master account. The balances of sub accounts are transferred to the master account at the end of day with the same day value, the master account hold overall net cash position of the company or the group of companies.


Notional Pooling (Pooling without physical fund movement)

There is no physical fund transfer between accounts with notional pooling. The balance of each account will be combined only for calculating net balance purpose.


Automated Interest Calculation and Allocation

Cash Pooling Interest is calculated by MUFG Bank (Europe) daily and pooling benefit is allocated monthly to participating companies.


Pooling statement reporting

Pooling calculation statement is issued and delivered to pooling master company (and each pooling participating company) every month.