Role of Trust Company

Role of trust company:

  • Establishment of international legal structures
  • Providing domiciliation to local companies
  • Providing local managers / directors
  • Administration
  • Consolidated reporting and (IFRS) accounting
  • Keeping client companies compliant with Dutch regulation
  • Monitoring the structure
  • Providing access to panels of lawyers, bankers, accountants and other specialist in each jurisdiction
  • Providing access to panels of investment managers and independently benchmarking their performance



A few examples of the countless possibilities could be:

  • A simple trust and corporate structure to consolidate wealth and provide for estate planning; or
  • A bespoke investment holding structure that facilitates cross border investment and mitigates tax; or
  • A structured finance transaction; or
  • An investment fund, or a special purpose property holding company; or
  • Intermediate companies in an international company structure to optimise the reduction withholding taxes on royalties

MUFG Business Services (Holland) B.V. can assist you to establish and maintain structures like these for you and/or your clients.