Telephone Recording

MUFG Bank (Europe) N.V. has installed a Telephone Recording system, which records all telephone conversations conducted with our Treasury Division, Corporate Banking Division and CMS-helpdesk. The recording is done for the following purposes:

  1. to provide evidence including in relation to differences of interpretation or disagreements concerning the content of the telephone conversation;
  2. to investigate and detect fraud;
  3. to evaluate the quality of services; and/or
  4. training, coaching and appraisal purposes.

As set out in our General Banking conditions, you are obliged to examine confirmations, statements of account, notes or other statements sent to you upon receipt. This also applies to confirmations or other statements confirming or relating to telephone conversations and topics discussed therein. We once more would like to stress the importance thereof. The sooner discrepancies between your and our understanding regarding executed transactions are brought to our attention the sooner matters can be resolved and potential damage to either of the parties restricted.